It’s my turn in front of the camera

This past Sunday I stepped FAR, FAR outside of my comfort zone and did a boudoir session.  I made up this entire story to Matt about what I was doing that day (and felt SO guilty). For the most part as I was preparing, aka, out shopping the night before, I wasn’t nervous at all. In fact, I never had nerves hit me. In stead I was really proud of myself for doing this and putting myself out there. Yes, I would have loved to lose more weight, had my face clear up more, grew my hair longer, etc etc etc. The checklist of things to finish might never come and I didn’t want to regret not doing a session. I also know how much Matt adores me and he tells me everyday. He loves my chest, he loves my butt, my hair, my smile, everything. He was what got me through this session because I knew he would love them so much.

It has been awhile since I did a session, years in fact and I cannot wait to do another one! I am still feeling amazing and confident. I left with an entire new vision for my business too. Before this session I felt every women should do this but now I am 500% more passionate about spreading the word and making sure everyone experiences this. There really is no feeling like it. You are on a cloud all day….a very, very sexy cloud :p

I wasn’t going to share this until after the wedding because this is Matt’s wedding gift but I messed up and left the stuff in the car and he saw it. He asked why his doctor who scarf was in there and I had to come clean.
So ladies, when you plan your boudoir session HIDE YOUR STUFF 😛

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  • Arielle May 1, 2012   Reply →

    Lady, if that little iphone teaser is any indication, you are going to have some STUNNING boudoir shots to share with your love!
    He’s a lucky man!

  • Jen Johnson May 2, 2012   Reply →


  • denise birdsong August 25, 2012   Reply →

    Good lord woman, your are GORGEOUS!

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