Words from a Chicago Boudoir Client

Last week I headed to Chicago for a weekend of boudoir sessions. This time around I got to meet this gorgeous soon to be, MRS! She and her fiance are tying the knot next weekend in Michigan and
is doing this as a little wedding present. Thanks again for coming and being only the sixth redhead I have ever done a boudoir session with! (yes, I know how many I’ve done!) 😛

What was the reason you decided to book a boudoir session? And why with Leah?
I wanted to do a boudoir session as a wedding gift for my fiancé.  It is totally unexpected and I know he will love it!  Leah seemed to capture the exact style I would have envisioned for me.  Soft, mostly natural, and really sexy. 😉

Did you do anything to prepare for your session?
Research!  I looked at Leah’s blog as well as others to find out what style and outfits I wanted to use in my shoot.  And I got to go shopping, one of my favorite things.

How do you feel about your session and the photos?
The session was great!  Leah got right into it and put me at ease.  I thought the photos turned out so great that I found it to be really difficult to narrow it down and pick my favorites.

Out of the process what were the top 2 things you loved doing the most?
Having my hair and makeup done in a way that I would never wear it in real life was transformative.  Also, for my shoot, I wore pieces that my fiancé bought for me in the past.  This reminded me of why I was doing this for him.

Would you recommend this to other women and if so, why? Or why not?
YES!!  Anyone I told about doing a boudoir session seemed envious of my bravery.  I am not brave and I don’t have a perfect body but I decided to be a little daring because I knew my fiancé would be surprised and thrilled.   Leah will make you look amazing!!

To book your Chicago boudoir sessions contact me here for openings!

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  • nicole September 26, 2011   Reply →

    beautiful work! I love the second set of images!

  • Christa Meola September 26, 2011   Reply →

    Nice work Leah! I love the Q&A format 🙂

  • Jenny September 26, 2011   Reply →

    Very nice Leah! Love the lighting, it’s perfect for her. I hope your clients realize how lucky they are to have you!!

  • Kim Hill September 26, 2011   Reply →


  • Kimberly S September 26, 2011   Reply →

    Nice work Leah! You have captured her beauty perfectly. Love the Q&A!

  • kelly g September 26, 2011   Reply →

    Gorgeous! That purple looks great on her. Fabulous work, as always!

  • Stacie Frazier September 26, 2011   Reply →

    Wow, Leah, these are awesome! And I LOVE her red hair!

  • Susannah September 26, 2011   Reply →

    love the red hair with that purple ensemble! so sexy!

  • Chris Fawkes September 26, 2011   Reply →

    These images are real art. Great technique and composition and very very tasteful.

  • Kelly Johnsen September 26, 2011   Reply →

    Beautiful! I love the red hair too and the Q&A were a fun add!

  • Cathy Empey September 26, 2011   Reply →

    I love her hair, and of course amazing images!!

  • Brody September 26, 2011   Reply →

    Great job on these! Perfect lighting and posing.

  • Astrid Baloun September 26, 2011   Reply →

    Wow! Great work! The second set are my favorite!!!

  • stacy September 26, 2011   Reply →

    Her hair and eyes really pop! Love how even though she’s gorgeously pale she really pops in the photos! Great work!

  • olesha September 26, 2011   Reply →

    The one on her back is just gorgeous! Go leah!

  • Daniel Cruz September 27, 2011   Reply →

    Beautiful post Leah! I love the bright tones, and how the perfect the skin. :]

  • Robin Owen September 27, 2011   Reply →

    Maybe I’ll see you when you come to DC! 🙂

  • Kelly September 28, 2011   Reply →

    Absolutely stunning. I have red-head envy. I’ve tried to replicate so so many times only to fail and go back to blond. Absolutely stunning photos.

  • Erin September 28, 2011   Reply →

    Beautiful! Love the colors of her hair and eyes, and the purple lace!

  • Uzma September 28, 2011   Reply →

    Gorgeous! Love the colors as well.

  • Tammy September 28, 2011   Reply →

    Her skin is beautiful.

  • happy September 28, 2011   Reply →

    Beautiful Images, Leah!

  • randy September 30, 2011   Reply →

    everything is popping, luv the punch of color from her skin to her hair to the lingerie

  • Karine October 2, 2011   Reply →

    I love red hair! She’s gorgeous!

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