One boudoir shoot is never enough!

Do it!!! You will not regret one moment of it. Don’t look for a reason or a”best time” because it’ll never come. If you want to lose weight first (like I did) book the shoot a few months in advance to motivate yourself to lose even more. You know need a significant other to impress, do it for you! This experience is like NO OTHER! If you’ve been considering it, Cleveland Boudoir is truly the best place to go! The ladies on this staff are amazing and know just how to pose you so that you look and feel your best from start to finish!



The entire day of shooting. From feeling like a Queen getting pampered with hair and makeup and then being the center of attention as soon as the shoot begins! I’ve now worked with both Leah and Jessica and they both have a way of making you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world!!! 



I was shocked! I was in disbelief at first that the pictures were of me and not just a photoshopped mashup of my facial expressions and body. I loved every image and had the HARDEST time picking the best ones. 


Definitely!! The images created this confidence in me, I never knew I had. If I’m ever in doubt I look at the photos and realize I can do anything I put my mind to!! 


I decided to do my first shoot as a birthday present to myself! I’ve always admired the confidence and pure sexiness that the women who have done Boudoir shoots in the past show. I wanted to show myself that I too can exude that type of confidence and be just as sexy! 


The final outcome and my own level of comfort. I was worried that I would be asked to pose in a way that I wasn’t comfortable and it would show in my face or I would be too afraid to try it. Thank goodness for Jess and Leah! They both helped me to find the confidence in any position/pose we tried no matter how awkward I thought it may look. I trusted them and because of it, the pictures turned out flawless!!

NYC Boudoir Photographer

When my client emailed me to let me know she wanted to buy her entire gallery fo 200+ images I was pretty happy BUT I was even more happy when she let me know it was OK to blog the anonymous shots. I told her I know it was hard to pick for her but I have been saving these for what seems like months to show! Then I decided to keep my excitement to a minimum and narrow down my 60 to a more manageable number.

There is nipples in this blog post so if you’re offended might be best to keep on scrolling past this post.

I’m not one for aprons but this La Perla piece really was unique and fun to photograph.

Then we had the amazing Agent Provocateur outfit with the Christian Louboutin shoes. This was such a fun outfit to photograph especially since I have never had anything like it before. 

NYC Boudoir Photographer

In my giddy state of prepping NYC tomorrow I thought it was only appropriate to share some images from my last session there. All shot at my favorite hotel, Bryant Park with Michelle Stern of Flawless Beauty helping with hair and makeup. Heading back in the morning for 2 sessions tomorrow, 2 on Saturday and then a huge Salon shoot which I am excited but scared sh*tless for! It’s my first big salon shoot so it’s an anxious but excited feeling!!

Here are 2 quick teasers!

Hey NYC, have you had your boudoir shoot?

One of the nice things about booking my big boudoir package is all the outfits and time you get. I start the session shooting all my favorite poses but then I have another 90 minutes to try different things and add a lot of variety to your galleries! As a photographer, I also want to challenge myself. When I travel I don’t have all the luxuries of shooting at home. I am a pretty clean shooter and I don’t like a lot of backdrops or colors because I believe the focus should be 100% on you, not the backdrops. When I am in a hotel though and a client has a 2+ hour shoot and 6 different outfits I really get to stretch my creativity. How many poses can I get in this room? Where can I shoot what outfits? The light is so bright here but nice and moody over here…oh, bathroom, mirrors! This is seriously what goes through my mind! I want to make it look like a 400 sq. foot room is 1000 sq. feet. I think mission accomplished! It also helps when I have some gorgeous lady like Miss M 🙂 

Interested in more information inquire here

NYC cupcakes and boudoir

One of my all time favorite things is going to NYC and shooting boudoir sessions. Now, multiple my love for that by a 100 when a client brings a box of cupcakes to incorporate into the session.

Mrs H didn’t want any with her face showing so here are just a couple of her session at The Bryant Park Hotel (another favorite NYC thing of mine)

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