Akron Boudoir Photographer| A’s sexy session!

Miss A came in for her session a couple months ago (yes, I am behind on blogging) as a gift for her soon to be hubby! She drove down from Cleveland for her Akron session and she did so awesome! Also, that black corset is something I have in the studio so if you are stuck on outfits you can always raid the lingerie closet here!

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WPPI Vegas Boudoir Workshop


Jen and I met almost 3 years ago (or maybe it was 4, I forget amongst all our antics) During that time we were both planning a destination wedding and we began chatting. I was already doing photography and Jen was just starting up and creating an amazing business. All these years later, countless vacations together, nights and nights skyping together, online shopping trips and so many amazing journeys, we came together again in Vegas. Us in Vegas? Yes, it seems scary (and it definitely can be) but this year we were up to something very awesome. We held our very first boudoir workshop together! 2 friends on opposite sides of the country sharing each of our business with 10 fabulous women and yes, it was amazing as it sounds!

Good Morning Vegas!! What a great way to start our day!


The day started with some introductions and open chat for a bit.


undefinedand lots of shooting!! We showed the girls some of our shooting style, let them shoot and then they went into groups of 2 to get some more time with the lovely models. undefinedundefinedundefined

undefinedundefinedundefinedSome night shooting during the end of the night. Next time there will be lots more of night shooting! How can you not in Vegas? undefined


More Vegas posts coming soon….and maybe more Workshop info! 🙂

Vegas Boudoir | WPPI Boudoir Workshop Teasers

I am back from Vegas and am pretty much all recovered! That city sure does take a toll on you no matter how easy you are taking it (which was pretty easy this year) With the tradeshow, dinners with friends, classes and the workshop all over it’s now time to sit back and go through the amazing images and reflect on the week.

I’ll be doing a full blog post about Vegas this week but in the meantime, our gorgeous model/photographer/new friend!

Me on Monday- 1st Edition

Recently, I have been trying to think of some new things I can start doing on the blog every week. This will be good especially as we go into a little bit of slow season and I’m not out shooting everyday. Plus, I figured you all might (or might not) care what I’m up to when I’m not working! I guarantee it’s plenty of randomness!

So, Me on Monday will have some random things I have done the week before with friends, family, by myself, with Matt’s cat or whatever. Just a good random way to start our week off.

We’ll start off with our West Coast Trip. Matt and I started in Portland for 4 days, spent 2 days in Seattle and finally ended in Vancouver. The picture below was taken at some point in Portland. I am going to guess it was after a trip to our new favorite place, Rogue.

Speaking of favorite places, if you’re in Portland, here are our favorite places to stop and/or stay.

The Nines hotel– Great hotel and their breakfast was out of this world!
Rogue Ales– We spent many, many hours here. If you love beer (and no, not Miller) than go here. NOW.
Sushi Land– The place Matt could have ate breakfast, lunch and dinner at.
Voodoo Doughnut– Need I say more?

And because photos rock, some more in Vancouver with my good friend Jennifer Williams!

All images were taken with my, attached to my hip, iPhone 4 or some random Nikon.