Akron Boudoir Photographer | S’s Boudoir Session

I have dying to share a session at my new space in Akron so here it is! I moved out of the Canton studio and now have a gorgeous house in Akron. It’s much more me and fits my vision of what I want my work to be perfectly. I loved the studio but the industrial look wasn’t really working for me and this is much more luxury hotel feeling. Also, Homegoods is not even 10 minutes away so I am always picking up new pieces! (Post on this coming later today!)

So without further ado, S! She is a gorgeous, gorgeous girl who was referred by a past client. She has a heart of gold is very witty and a blast to be around. This morning we spent the time linking bedspreads back and forth 🙂 Simple pleasures!! Today she is giving her hubby his album and no doubt he is going TO LOVE IT. It’s being ordered as a sample for the studio so we you stop in for your session you’ll get to check it out!

Because so many have asked: The chair, TJMAXX.

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Canton, Ohio Boudoir | B’s Sexy Outdoor and Studio Boudoir Session

I love this girl. End of story. Ok, but really, B is amazing. When she first booked her boudoir session we had added each other as friends on facebook. Randomly one Saturday she said I should stop by the Italian festival in Akron. It worked out well since Matt and I were heading downtown to Cilantro. Having never met B before I was walking around trying to find her. When I did she was just as warm and welcoming in person as she seemed online. She even gave Matt and I free italian sausages, which I might add, were amazing!! Then on her session she brought blueberry muffins and OJ and we chatted as she got her makeup done. Always so welcoming and easy to be around, her session was so much fun! We started in my old backyard for some outdoor stuff before heading to the studio to finish up!

Outfit Details

Shoes: Macys
Green Corset | Love Fifi
Black and red Corset: Hips and Curves
Gloves: Amazon

Thanks again for coming B, I had a great time!!

Channel 5 Feature

Lets remind to around October of last year. I was on a flight back from the Dominican Republic and going through customs in Atlanta. I hadn’t had my phone turned on in about 4 days and of course, the very first thing I did was grab for my lifeline. The door of the plane wasn’t even open before I was listening to my voicemails. Delete, delete, delete, OH WAIT, SCREAM!! I had just received a VM from Channel 5 in Cleveland. At first I didn’t believe it so I listened again..and again..and again. They wanted to do a feature on my boudoir photography. Of course, here I am in customs now where phone calls aren’t allowed and it’s nearing 11PM at night. What do I do? I call Channel 5 back, half crying and half grasping for some air and apologize over and over that I didn’t return the call sooner. Basically at that point I figured a once in a lifetime chance was down the drain but on with life I went.

Then around 9am on a Thursday morning (I have a killer memory I tell you) I get a call from Channel 5 who is of course, already added into my phone at this point. She tells me they want to do the story and is next Tuesday OK. Of course it’s OK. I won’t miss this opportunity twice. I had 5 days to gather my thoughts, find a girl and think of ideas. Of course I over thought everything, worried myself to death and didn’t eat for a couple days. However, in the end, it was one of the days that I can add to the, “holy crap, i can’t believe that happened” moments.

Welcome to the wonderful world of crappy iphone pictures. Alyssa is a wonderful past client who came in to help for the session. Ramona (in all black) is the amazing women behind all the makeup. Then the wonderful channel 5 crew and Alyssa outside doing her interview…..which brought me to a sobbing mess!

To view the images from the session that was taped for Channel 5 check them out here

Also, the interview will air tomorrow, Tuesday on the channel 5 news at 11PM. I’ll also upload the video here when it comes available!

View the video on Channel 5

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