Bridal Boudoir with Ms. M

Before you walk down the aisle, step into the studio and bring your veil to create another wedding memory. Whether you want a keepsake capturing your youth and virtue for yourself or your groom, the experience will be momentous and the images will be keepsakes to last through the years. Ms. M looked amazing and seemed to enjoy the break from wedding planning to enjoy a fun and pampering session.

Sure looks like he enjoyed it too! WATCH HIS REACTION HERE (1:18)

Hair and make-up by Ramona







Flirty and Fun Cleveland Boudoir Session

I love all the testimonials that express how they carry their experience with them for the rest of the day. Even though Ms. K fit us in her very busy schedule, she felt like a strong and sexy woman throughout the day and she said it made her day.

“Thank you Leah and Ramona!! I have had an action packed day! Spinning at 5:45 am, carpool, office bank errand, gorgeous hair, glamorous makeup, sexy photo shoot and fun time, then off to more office errands, a carwash, carpool, then the pediatricians office, tennis lessons for my daughter, made dinner, played in the yard, and just now settling down with a glass of wine and my makeup, hair, and attitude are still going strong!!! I had the best time today!!! Thank you for making my day!!”

Hair and Make-up by Ramona









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