NYC Boudoir | M + S’s Couple Session

Here it is, my very first couples boudoir session. To say I was nervous truly is an understatement. However, I cannot wait to do another one! I think these are a beautiful way to capture the intimacy between a man and women in a classy, sexy way! And of course, these 2 were an absolute blast to work with!

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  • Corey Ann February 2, 2010   Reply →

    LOVE that first shot!

  • Crystal February 2, 2010   Reply →

    Awesome Job Leah! I think you are doing a great job, and definitely have a niche!

  • Willow February 4, 2010   Reply →

    Wow! I love #7 and the second from last. Everything is beautiful and it looks like you had a fun couple to work with. Congrats.

  • Kate February 8, 2010   Reply →

    Hey Leah- Just checking out your site- you do fantastic work!

  • Shai Bradshaw January 10, 2011   Reply →

    These photos are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I think me and my hubby may have to make a trip to where you are….we have seen the work of other professionals – but, nothing like what you have going on here! Thank you for the beautiful, fabulous visuals!

  • DR January 27, 2012   Reply →

    These are FABULOUS!!! I just did my own boudoir session and now I want to do one with the HUBS!!

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