Simple bra and panty sets are great but I recommend looking for something that has some detail to it, or adding your own. When you have something with details it allows for more variety in the images.If you want to do a bra and panty, I recommend adding a cardigan, dress shirt, thigh highs, stockings, or something that will add just a little something extra.

Current Styles being sold:
For Love & Lemons
Floral Demi from VS
Night & Gale on Etsy

Bring something that belongs to your significant other for your shoot such as a t-shirt, one of his work shirts! It adds a little extra to the images and gives him the thought of you looking all beautiful and sexy in his clothes!

Look through your closet for a see through or lace blouse, a soft sweater you can pull off your shoulders, a vest or sleeveless sweater. Any unique or cropped tops can be cute with panties too.

Also ask yourself, what do you feel sexy in? If it’s a little black dress, a pair of jeans, maybe your workout clothes make you feel sexy. I encourage you to bring these items because if that is what makes you feel sexy, that is going to show in your images. Remember, your shoot does not need to be all lingerie.

Bustiers are a great way to create curves and enhance cleavage. If you are smaller then a C cup be sure to bring the kind of bustier that has built in cups. (usually a corset does not have cups but I have seen a few bustiers without cups too) The bustiers without can make you look flat chested and we don’t want that!

I am sure you have seen them everywhere but incase you have not, rompers, or adult onesies as I call them are all the rage.

Almost every woman brings fishnets and/or thigh highs to her session. My number one suggestion is if you plan to wear them with a garter belt, buy the kind without the plastic stay ups. If you plan to not wear a garter then the plastic stay ups are a must. Oh and did I mention garters can be a sexy little add on to any panty and bra set? Yes it can!

A favorite “outfit” of mine and I recommend everyone doing this! Yes, it may take a little extra courage but you’re already here, why not! You can also go with a bolder lip, or a statement piece of jewelry to add a little something. You cannot go wrong with this look!

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 “I loved that the ladies worked with me on the styling. I was able to use the lingerie, shoes and accessories to create looks I loved!”