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Last week K came in for a boudoir session. She is going to give these to her fiance on her wedding day. Of course the perfect little gift for your groom. K picked a session with 3 outfit changes…all of which I wanted to keep by the end I might add 😉

As a side note, none of these images are airbrushed. I did some color corrections but otherwise this is all natural. When my girls book their sessions I always get asked at sometime in the process, “are these going to be airbrushed?” To which I always say, of course! However when i was going through these images to put on the blog I really felt like the feel and look I was going for didn’t include any editing. I wanted these boudoir pictures to have a natural more laidback feel. Of course I will always oblige and give the girls the airbrushing because that’s part of the fun of this all but I sometimes might put up a little fight and show you, you’re sexy without it! 😉

Side note # 2 😉 I know my style, I know what I love but I know it’s so important to be versatile. Can I shoot darker more moody images. Absolutely, but I still love my bright, clean style. I love being able to shoot all natural light with boudoir, I think there are so many ways to play off of it.

So we all know boudoir translates to bedroom but for this session boudoir meant outside! I have a patio in my backyard so we did some quick shots out there. I think it was fun to switch it up a little. Plus, it was a gorgeous day out and I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I think she also pulled off my white tank pretty well 😉

And we had to throw a bright image in their somewhere 😉

And just a reminder, all images on the blog are approved by the clients and are only posted with their permission. If you’re interested in doing a boudoir session you DO NOT need to have your images shown.

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  • Nicole April 15, 2010   Reply →

    Beautiful! Love that yummy natural light and the soft look of these. Very relaxed and romantic.

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