Couples Boudoir Photography

If you’re a facebook fan of mine than you have definitely seen a couple of these already as I have shown some sneak peaks here and there. C is a past boudoir client and she brought her hubby back for a couples session! I’ve been speaking so highly of couples sessions lately and think it’s the perfect photo session for you and your significant other! C also answered some questions regarding her couples session 🙂

Why did you decide to do a couples session?
I thought it would be a lot of fun. I loved how you did my boudoir
photos and wanted something like that with Bob. Plus, any opportunity to
roll around the sheets with my hubby is a good one 😉

Where you nervous?
wasn’t nervous. I obviously have no problem taking my clothes off
(hence me changing within 15 minutes of getting there), but I think Bob
was more nervous. I’m happy with where my body is right now, so that is
always helpful. I just don’t think Bob quite knew what to expect.

What was your favorite thing about the experience?
My favorite part was the side bar stuff, the joking with each other
and such. You make the experience so casual and relaxed, that you can’t
help but joke around.

Do you recommend this to other couples and why?
I think this is a great opportunity to show your love for each other
and to document it. I don’t know if its brought us closer or not, but
its something that I think we will both love looking back on and
remember how much fun we had. People are intimate, and there is no
reason why not to show it. I think this is a great way to do that, and
to really connect with each other. Your love shows up on the film.

What is your favorite image?
I think my favorite image is the one where I am straddling Bob and
its shot showing his back. I love the shapes created by his back and my
arms. Its pretty hot!

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  • Jen Williams May 17, 2010   Reply →

    These are amazing! One day I want you to shoot a couples boudoir for me and my hubby. Maybe I’ll make the trip down to Portland!

  • Whitley Pollet May 17, 2010   Reply →

    I love every single one of these! Your work is so inspirational 🙂

  • Wendy May 17, 2010   Reply →

    wow Leah, you’ve really perfected your craft! I don’t think I could ever do this, but these are amazing pics!

  • jennifer May 17, 2010   Reply →

    Love the last three. Their so intimate and amazing. Way to go!!

  • jennifer May 17, 2010   Reply →

    Wow, and I cannot spell, either!

    I meant they’re… not their… gah!

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